What is CAPI?

OpenPOWERibm_logoIBM developed the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) as a new means for solution architects to improve system-level performance.

Most FPGA Accelerators utilize PCIe as their link to the host. CAPI provides a unique alternative, allowing the FPGA accelerator to coherently attach to the fabric of a POWER8™ chip and up to 1 TB of system memory.

This new hybrid solution has a simple programming paradigm while delivering algorithm acceleration and performance well beyond what’s available today.

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How is Nallatech involved?

Nallatech’s 385 card is the first supported CAPI FPGA accelerator card.

Through our membership in the OpenPOWER™ Foundation, we have collaborated with IBM and Altera to provide the OpenPOWER CAPI Developer Kit for POWER8, which includes everything needed to start developing with CAPI in a POWER8 System.

Nallatech is also working with select partners and OpenPOWER members on custom hardware and CAPI enabled solutions.

Nallatech’s CAPI Developer Kit Contents

Hardware Components
Software / IP Components
Included in CAPI Developer Kit Nallatech 385 FPGA Accelerator IBM CAPI Power Service Layer (PSL) (Encrypted FPGA IP) Altera Quartus FPGA Tools White Paper and Decision Guide
Nallatech JTAG Debug Kit CAPI Host Support Library (libcxl) PSL Simulation Engine CAPI User’s Guide
‘Memcopy’ Example 385 FPGA Card User Guide
Also Required Any CAPI Enabled POWER8 systems, including the L and LC lines CAPI Enabled O/S
Ubuntu 14.10 LE  / Redhat 7.3, or later versions
HDL Simulator
(i.e. Cadence, Mentor, Synopsis)


How do I get started?

Contact Nallatech today for additional information or to request a quote for the POWER8 CAPI Developer Kit.

We are happy to discuss how your specific application can benefit by leveraging CAPI solution.

You can also explore CAPI at a more technical level:

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