ChartLimited budgets, challenging development times and growing pressure to introduce new technologies and capabilities make commercial products a compelling solution for many programs. For specialized requirements in many programs, however, a custom solution may be required.

At Nallatech we have assembled a top-notch design and engineering team that can modify a commercial product specifically for your application.  We work best when we are deeply engaged with customers at the early concept development stage then leverage our multiple manufacturing disciplines to deliver a custom product on-time, on-budget and on-spec with minimum risk.

Technical specifications (e.g. FPGA type, size, external memory capacity etc.) can be modified to meet the exact needs of commercial customer applications as off-the-shelf product available to the general market.


Reduced Risk

  • Leverage over 15 years technology experience and engineering excellence in the development of FPGA processing systems
  • Exact technology fit – fewer design compromises
  • World-class technical support to ensure customer success

Lower Costs

  • Design service costs reduced by leveraging existing Nallatech IP

Faster to Market

  • Start application development immediately using a commercial solution
  • Commercial products provide a mature platform to develop modified variants, reducing development program timescales

Project Experience

Nallatech has undertaken many custom products. A range of recent examples include:

  • Design and manufacturing of rugged conduction cooled PCI-104 based FPGA processing system including Gigabit Ethernet, analog I/O and third-party content
  • Design and manufacturing  of data acquisition and FPGA processing system to support RADAR system mid-life upgrade
  • Modification of existing Nallatech VME processor card to enhance features and reduce cost for volume deployment
  • Design and manufacturing of Nallatech XMC card with new analog front end
  • Development of FPGA design framework as a foundation for customer application
  • Design and manufacturing of Cameralink I/O module for Nallatech PCI processor card
  • Addition of new FPDP I/O capability to Nallatech XMC processing module
  • Development of VxWorks board support package for Nallatech FPGA processing card
  • Porting of software drivers to Windows XP for Nallatech XMC card
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