Nallatech 385A-SoC FPGA Accelerator Card


The 385A-SoC™ low profile accelerator card provides a powerful computing and I/O platform  for FPGA and ARM-based development and deployment across a range of application areas  including High Performance Computing, Image Processing and Network Analytics.

The 385A-SoC is an 8- lane PCIe Gen 3 card featuring an Altera Arria  10 SoC FPGA and DDR4 SDRAM external memory.

Two QSFP+ network ports enable support for a range of high speed serial I/O protocols (40GbE, 10GbE, 1GbE, Common Public Radio Interface and Fiber Channel) with speeds up to 40Gbps.

ARM-based SoC delivers optimal performance, power efficiency and low cost for real-time applications

385A-SoC Datasheet (656KB)

Arm-based development and deployment across a range of application areas including HPC, Image Processing and Network AnalyticsNallatech 385A-SoC - FPGA PCIe Acclerator Card - Form Factor

385A-SoC – with Arria 10 / System on Chip SoC FPGA Accelerator Card

Proven performance with new possibilities

  • Features Intel Altera Arria 10 SX 660 – SoC FPGA
  • Two QSFP+ Ports capable of 40/10/1 Gb Ethernet, CPRI and Fiber Channel
  • NIC Form Factor
  • 2 Banks 4G DDR4 SDRAM
  • 8-Lane PCI-Express Gen 3
  • Active Cooling / Passive Cooling Available Upon Request
  • 1/2 Height, 1/2 Length, Single Width PCIe Card (NIC Size)
  • Intel Quartus Software Development Kit Edition
  • HPC BSP (Co-Processor) Included with Card Purchase
  • Embedded BSP (ARM Processors)
  • Support for Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) line rates via optical network ports

Accelerate with Nallatech

385A-SoC ARM Embedded Processor SoC FPGA Accelerator Card

385A-SoC Datasheet (656KB)

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Common Applications
385A-SoC-01_Server_PC» PCIe-attached
– Use the 385A-SoC integrated in a server/PC
– FPGA/SoC is tightly coupled to the host processor via PCIe
– Off-load compute and I/O functions to the FPGA and ARM processors

385A-SoC-02_Small-Enclosure» Stand-alone
– Use the 385A-SoC as a stand-alone instrument, unattached to a PCIe Host
– Card is mechanically hosted in a small enclosure
– Power is applied to the enclosure via the 12V AUX connector
– OS (including RTOS) executes on an embedded ARM processor
– Up to 1TB of mass storage using two solid state disks (SSD)

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