Nallatech 510T Compute Acceleration Card

The Nallatech 510T Compute Acceleration Card is an FPGA co-processor that is designed to deliver ultimate performance per watt for compute-intensive datacenter applications.

The 510T Compute Acceleration Card is a GPU-sized 16-lane PCIe Gen 3 card featuring two of Altera’s new floating-point enabled Arria 10 FPGAs delivering up to sixteen times the performance of the previous generation. Applications can achieve a total sustained performance of up to 3 TFlops.

510T Compute Acceleration Card deliverables include an optimized Board Support Package compatible with the Altera Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL. This allows the card to be programmed at a high level of abstraction by customers unfamiliar with hardware-based tool flows historically required for FPGAs.

The 510T Compute Acceleration Card is available with an unprecedented 290GByte/sec of peak external memory bandwidth configured as eight independent banks of DDR4 plus an ultra-fast Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC). This combination, plus the FPGA’s on-chip memory bandwidth of 14.4TBytes/sec, permits dramatic new levels of performance per watt for memory-bound applications.

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Datacenter Co-Processor FPGA Compute Acceleration Card

  • GPU Form Factor Card with (2) Arria 10 10A1150GX FPGAs
    • Dual Slot Standard Configuration
    • Single Slot width possible, if user design fits within ~100W power footprint
  • PCIe Gen3 x 16 Host Interface
  • 290 GBytes/s Peak Aggregate Memory Bandwidth
    • 85GB/s Peak DDR4 Memory Bandwidth per FPGA (4 Banks per FPGA)
    • 30GB/s Write + 30GB/s Read Peak HMC Bandwidth per FPGA

Nallatech 510T compute acceleration card


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 Nallatech 510T
w/(2) Arria 10  FPGAs

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Common Applications
FPGA computational acceleration has increasingly improved performance in the following markets:

» Compute, Network & Storage
» Finance and Risk Analysis
» Datacenter
» High Performance Computing
» Communications (Wireless and Wireline)
» Industrial, Broadcast, Embedded
» Medical
» Automotive
» Military & Aerospace

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