Nallatech, a Molex company, has in-depth design and process development knowledge plus extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, which allows for quickly execution of a wide range of modular FPGA solutions.

Nallatech is a DBA of Interconnect Systems International LLC

Design Process

  • ISO9001: 2008 certified design process
  • Formal project scoping and planning capabilities

Systems and Packaging

  • System architecture and design
  • Cooling and environmental design


  • High speed PCB design including performance analog and digital I/O
  • Form factors including PCI, PCI-Express, cPCI, VME, VXS, VPX, PMC, XMC, PCI-104, and custom hardware
  • Interfaces including PCI, PCI-Express, VMEbus, Serial RapidIO, optical interfaces, Ethernet, FPDP, RS232, RS422, 1553, DVI, CameraLink, LVDS
  • Rugged board design, mechanical design, 3D modelling


  • FPGA IP core design
  • Interfaces including PCI-Express, PCI, Serial RapidIO, analog interfaces, memory interfaces
  • Design integration and testing


  • Drivers and APIs, operating system porting
  • Operating systems experience includes Linux, Windows and VxWorks


  • 20 years programming FPGAs
  • Altera OpenCL Preferred Board Partner
  • Xilinx certified engineers
  • Xilinx Alliance Partner expert
  • Solder stencil printers with 2.5D paste inspection
  • SMT chip shooter with 01005 placement capacity
  • SMT pick-and-place equipment with 3″ square bottom vision capability
  • Eight plus two zone convection reflow ovens
  • Precision dispensing equipment with positive displacement pumps
  • Wave soldering
  • BGA rework station
  • X-ray solder joint inspection
  • Electrical testing
  • Boundary scan / JTAG
  • Functional testing
  • Signal integrity testing
  • Impedance loss
  • Differential
  • Crosstalk
  • Single-ended crosstalk
  • Electrical parametric testing
  • Shorts and opens testing
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Nikon NEXIV optical coordinate measurement machines, optical and laser capabilities
  • RVSI high-speed laser system for interconnect presence, coplanarity, and flatness
  • Ionograph cleanliness testing
  • Temperature cycling reliability testing
  • Niton XRF X-ray fluorescence analyzer
  • Laser-etched serial number traceability

Quality Policy

Nallatech is committed to strict compliance with all requirements and to continual improvement of our products, processes and systems to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Our quality system has been audited to establish Nallatech as an approved supplier by top-tier OEMs in a wide range of industries including: military, aerospace, data storage and networking, telecom, commercial, supercomputer, and industrial.

ISO Certification

Nallatech was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. in 2009. Nallatech was originally certified to ISO 9001:1994 in 2000 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.

Perry Johnson

certified by Perry Johnson Registrars


  • IPC Class III compliant soldering
  • Certified IPC Specialist inspectors and key operators
  • In-house Certified IPC Trainer

Department of State

ITAR registered North
American facilities

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