Nallatech partners with leading industry experts to add value to our customers business. Our partnerships are across System Integrators, IP Experts and Technology Leaders.

Algo-Logic Systems


Algo-Logic Systems is a recognized leader and developer of fast time-to-market Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) Solutions built with Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices. Algo-Logic’s GDN is used for packet processing in accelerated finance, data centers and for data acquisition. Algo-Logic builds deterministic, high frequency trading solutions with sub-microsecond latency and near-zero jitter by implementing algorithms in logic. Algo-Logic’s products include TCP endpoints, Full Order-Books, Tick-to-Trade solutions, packet classifiers, GDN Key Value Search (KVS), GDN Switch and other customized network processing system solutions in logic.

Aliathon Technology Ltd

Aliathon Technology LtdAliathon Technology Ltd, offering OTN & SONET/SDH FPGA IP solutions based on Nallatech’s 385n & 287n PCIe Network Cards. Target markets are (or include) Communications, Network Analytics/Assurance, Test/Measurement, Military and Video Networking.

Aliathon Demo using Nallatech’s PCIe-287N Card



Altera is the pioneer of programmable logic solutions, enabling system and semiconductor companies to rapidly and cost effectively innovate, differentiate, and win in their markets. Altera offers FPGAs, SoC FPGAs, CPLDs, and ASICs in combination with software tools, intellectual property, embedded processors and customer support to provide high-value programmable solutions.

Altera’s Dwayne Snyder talks about the new Arria 10 / 385A and 510T FPGA PCIe Card Processors at MILCOM 2015

Altera Press Release: Altera SDK for OpenCL is First in the Industry to Achieve Khronos Conformance for FPGAs

Dell Technology Partner - FPGA Integrated Server

Nallatech is a Dell Technology Partner. The 385A and 510T FPGA OpenCL Accelerators are certified by Dell to run on Dell platforms.

Learn more about how Nallatech & Dell partner



Fixstars is a leading software development company, specializing in highly-parallel multi-core processing. Since its founding in 2002, Fixstars has provided middleware and software optimization services for financial, medical imaging, computer vision, and media & entertainment markets. Altera’s Stratix V, which is based on Nallatech’s 385 FPGA card, is now fully supported with Fixstars’ OpenCL development, making it an ideal solution for many deployments.

Download Fixstars Presentation



Intilop Corporation is a pioneer in developing and providing ‘Customizable Silicon IP’ in the area of Networking, Network Security, data storage-SAN/NAS and embedded applications that allows customers to differentiate their products and make quick enhancements. Intilop and its customers have successfully implemented these in several ASICs, SOCs, FPGAs and full-scale systems.

Keysight Technologies

www.keysight.comKeysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies, Inc. offers the broadest range of innovative measurement solutions in the industry. Keysight is committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners– the leaders in their fields — to deliver the products and services that make a measurable difference in the lives of people everywhere.

LDA Technologies

LDA Technologies - Integrated Trading

LDA Technologies is a team of leading engineers that have extensive knowledge and years of experience designing FPGA-based products for various industries such as networking, information security, high-performance computing, and trading.

The latest product launched by LDA is the first of its kind PCIe FPGA board enclosure: a solid general-purpose platform for FPGA-based solutions.

Stone Ridge Technology

www.stoneridgetechnology.comStone Ridge Technology

Stone Ridge Technology (SRT) offers products and customized software/firmware services designed to meet the most demanding needs of customers in finance. SRT’s team of physicists, computer scientists and electrical engineers has deep experience with financial market data streams, deterministic line-rate processing at the wire as well as quantitative methods used for valuation and trading.



Xcelerit is the leader in cross-platform software acceleration tools for financial services, engineering, and research. Their solutions open up supercomputing for domain specialists. Xcelerit users can focus on their science and the problem at hand while they make sure results are delivered in double-quick time. User productivity is preserved, allowing to cut time-to-market and lower costs.



Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration.

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