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The Flash Memory Summit promises to share everything you need to know to design successful storage systems this year. Flash Memory Summit is rated the leading independent storage show worldwide ! You will hear from industry experts about the latest NVMe (and NVMe over fabrics) devices, 3D NAND flash (and 3D XPoint), emerging nonvolatile memory technologies (including applications for the latest MRAM developments), persistent memory (and NVDIMM), controllers, flash storage networking, and the software that brings them together.

You will also learn new ways to meet the challenges of big data, real-time analysis, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, hyperscale infrastructure, and cloud computing.

You will also benefit from:

  • Annual updates by top experts on flash technology, enterprise storage, flash controllers, and new nonvolatile memory technologies
  • Descriptions of the latest happenings in controllers, including NVMe (and NVMe-oF), ECC, machine learning, and new approaches such as I/O determinism and dual porting
  • Invited talks by leading technologists and market researchers on many current subjects, plus reference designs and an update on nonvolatile memory research at Stanford
  • The ever-popular beer and pizza session (“Chat with the Experts”), where you can ask questions of leading technologists, executives, and analysts in an informal, one-on-one setting

Flash Memory Summit will also have an upgraded exhibit hall, including a big demonstration area and over 100 exhibitors. Experience the best professional networking opportunity in the storage industry. So please join us, and thousands of your colleagues, for the most worthwhile and valuable Flash Memory Summit ever!

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