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Datacenter Acceleration

Network, Storage & Compute Optimization

  • Production-ready
  • Maintainable
  • Cloud ready/virtualization
  • Storage / Network

Nallatech solutions can be used to enhance the performance of large-scale datacenters. Our Network, Storage & Compute product families complement each other to offer innovative, low power, and high-throughout FPGA-based systems catered to the everyday needs of datacenter architects. Nallatech partners with most major OEM server manufacturers to provide datacenter-ready, maintainable, and compliant acceleration nodes compatible with existing industry-standard infrastructures.

Nallatech leverages twenty-five years of expertise in heterogeneous computing and experience with FPGAs and works with customers to develop, deploy and scale various datacenter applications like NoSQL databases, reduced-footprint NVMe storage (compression, encryption, security), load balancing, Ethernet packet analysis, etc. Forward facing, Nallatech is developing turnkey solutions to allow the virtualization of FPGA resources that share compute-nodes between users and repurpose applications on the fly – FPGA systems ready for the cloud.

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Genomics Acceleration

Highly-Parallel Workload Acceleration

  • Parallel algorithm
  • Reconfiguration to avoid ASICs
  • Shorter time to market

Nallatech offers FPGA-based solutions to accelerate the analysis of genome sequence data. DNA sequencing solutions have required the development of expensive fixed-function hardware. FPGAs feature the same highly-parallel architecture but are fully reconfigurable and have a lower cost of ownership. By avoiding the high cost and elevated risk of developing DNA sequencing chip, genome scientists can now create optimized sequencing products in software.

The development of genomics analysis pipelines with FPGA high-level language programming tools like Intel OpenCL SDK provides a reduced time-to-market for genuinely innovative, performant and optimized genomics solution. By leveraging the parallel architecture of the FPGA fabric, genomics scientists can create technologies to compete with CPU-based supercomputers on a smaller footprint. The new high-level programming methodology makes it easy to produce accelerated genomics pipelines that fit in existing software frameworks like the Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) developed by the Broad Institute.

Surveillance Acceleration

Real-Time Peta-Bit Streams Analysis

  • Data analytics
  • Network snorting
  • Video
  • Neural Networks
  • Commercial and Military application

With a faster-than-ever growing pool of video and data streams, Nallatech customers have been looking for more performant and accelerated analytics solution. By combining leading-edge network, video, compute for analytics and deep learning technologies onto a single hardware platform, Nallatech has fulfilled the needs of security experts looking for that evasive needle in the data haystack.

In addition to providing these compute-intensive systems, Nallatech also offers expertise in consulting or developing optimized FPGA IP (firmware) for applications like network snorting, video transcoding, and patterns/facial recognition with neural network algorithms. The FPGA architecture let surveillance and security systems perform the trillions of bit-operations per seconds they require to decode, analyze or encrypt data streams as fast as captured in both commercial and defense applications.

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Finance Acceleration

Ultra-Low-Latency Financial Analysis

  • Low latency
  • Network connectivity
  • Trading (and others)

Nallatech FPGA hardware platforms provide low-latency solutions for finance customers who need direct access to financial data feeds. Nallatech PCIe adapters are compatible with multiple Ethernet form factors and support 100/40/10GbE (SFP+, QSFP+ or QSFP28), which when combined with optimized network FPGA IP, offer direct consumption of market feeds for trading, fraud detection or risk analysis applications.

Nallatech also serves the FinTech industry through partnerships with FPGA IP (firmware) providers like Algo-Logic who distribute Nallatech-compatible optimized IP cores. At the hardware level, Nallatech partners with IBM through the OpenPOWER initiative to offer innovative CPU-to-FPGA low-latency technologies. Financial customers can rely on Nallatech versatile expertise to help them develop their innovative FPGA-based systems.

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