Low Latency Key-Value Store / High Performance Data Center Services

Gateware Defined Networking® (GDN) – Search Low Latency Key-Value Store

Low Latency Key-Value Store (KVS) is an essential service for multiple applications. Telecom directories, Internet Protocol forwarding tables, and de-duplicating storage systems, for example, all need key-value tables to associate data with uniqu e identifiers. In datacenters, high performance KVS tables allow hundreds or thousands of machines to easily share data by simply associating values with keys and allowi ng client machines to read and write those keys and values over standard high-speed Ethernet.

Algo-Logic’s KVS leverages Gateware Defined Netw  orking® (GDN) on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPG As) to perform lookups with the lowest latency (less than  1 microsecond), with the highest throughput, and the least processing energy.   Deploying GDN solutions save netw ork operators’ time, cost, and power resulting in signifi cantly lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT

Implementing Ultra Low Latency Data Center Services with Programmable Logic

Data centers require many low-level network services to implement high-level applications. Key-Value Store (KVS) is a critical service that associates values with keys and allows machines to share these associations over a network. Most existing KVS systems run in software and scale out by running parallel processes on multiple microprocessor cores to increase throughput.

In this paper, we take an alternate approach by implementing an ultra-low-latency KVS in Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) logic. As with a software-based KVS, lookup transactions are sent over Ethernet to the machine that stores the value associated with that key. We find that the implementation in logic, however, scales up to provide much higher search throughput with much lower latency and power consumption than other implementations in software. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT

Low Latency - KVS Diagram
Low Latency - KVS PacketHandler
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