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Maximize Acceleration – Increase Efficiency  – Save Time

Nallatech works closely with the server industry’s best manufacturers to provide FPGA integrated servers that are high performance and configured for maximum scalability, management and support. Depending on your application, FPGA Accelerated Compute Node technology can aide in reducing computational workloads dramatically, giving your datacenter or next research project an upper hand among the competition.

NEW – FPGA Compute Nodes with Stratix 10 FPGA

Up to Four Nallatech 520 Accelerator Cards Integrated into Dell C4140

The Nallatech Stratix 10 based FPGA Accelerated Compute Node allows you to run the most demanding data center workloads using a high-density rackmount server optimized for FPGA accelerators – up to four Intel Stratix-10 FPGAs per 1U.

This innovative new product is made possible through a powerhouse partnership of integrated technologies from Intel, Dell EMC and Nallatech. Systems can be purchased directly from Nallatech or DELL EMC.

FPGA Compute Nodes with Arria 10 FPGA

Up to Four Nallatech 510T Accelerator Cards Integrated into Dell C4130

The Nallatech Arria 10 FPGA Accelerated Compute Node broke new ground when it first shipped in 2016, for the first time giving customers an OpenCL-programmable, high-density rackmount server capable of supporting up to ten Intel Arria 10 FPGA accelerators per 1U.

Pioneering customers have already gained a competitive advantage by deploying this solution in volume. Systems can be purchased directly from Nallatech or DELL EMC.

Standalone FPGA-Accelerated Edge Computer

The Nallatech FPGA MicroNode is a low power miniature Linux Edge-computer featuring an Intel Arria-10 SoC FPGA. This innovative integrated product features dual network I/O directly coupled to the FPGA fabric enabling ultra-low latency applications. Best-in-class out-of-box experience makes it faster than ever to start deploying your solution.

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