Nallatech Delivers OpenCL-Compatible FPGA Accelerator Cards for Military and Government Applications

OpenCL Compatible FPGA Accelerator Cards

PCIe Cards Feature Altera Stratix V FPGAs and Address Latency-critical and Co-processing Requirements for Defense Customers

FPGA Accelerator Card with Altera Stratix V FPGA

FPGA Accelerator Card with Altera Stratix V FPGA

CAMARILLO, CA – November 13, 2013 –  Nallatech, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA solutions, today announced availability of PCIe FPGA Accelerator Cards compatible for OpenCL™, featuring Altera Stratix® V FPGAs, that address latency-critical and co-processing requirements of military market customers. These FPGA Accelerator Cards are ideal for military and government applications such as cyber security, signals intelligence, waveforms and signal processing, high-performance computing, and radar back-end processing. Visitors to MILCOM 2013, November 18-20, in San Diego, California, can see an Altera demonstration at booth #615 showcasing hardware acceleration of open source security solutions with OpenCL™ running on Nallatech’s PCIe-385 FPGA Accelerator Card.

Military designers require COTS boards that they can easily deploy and implement for their high-performance systems. Challenges to military applications are also increased with size, weight and power consumption limitations. In cases of compute-intensive operations such as radar or multi-channel radio processing, various algorithms such as filters using finite impulse response (FIR) or fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) are used, which can require custom pipeline parallel processing.  These customers often also use FPGA Accelerator Cards to provide real-time analysis of signal streams.

Nallatech’s 385 and 395 FPGA Accelerator Cards provide the exceptional processing performance and low power consumption needed for military applications. By supporting the Altera SDK for OpenCL, these FPGA-based cards offer a software development flow that provides the power-saving performance of FPGA Accelerator Card technology.

FPGA Accelerator Card with OpenCL and Altera Stratix V FPGA“Altera works closely with our COTS partner ecosystem to deliver reliable and secure FPGA Accelerator Card solutions for the military’s mission-critical challenges,” said Ian Land, senior manager of Military, Aerospace and Government product line, at Altera. “Through our partnership with industry-leaders like Nallatech, military customers can get a complete embedded system with pre-integrated software and intellectual property (IP) that can dramatically reduce development time and speed time-to-market.”

Altera - FPGA partner of Nallatech FPGA Acclerator Card“Nallatech and Altera understand that military equipment designers are constantly challenged with various system constraints such as programmability, size and power,” said Allan Cantle, president and founder of Nallatech. “Nallatech’s FPGA Accelerator Cards containing Altera FPGAs provide a cost-effective, robust solution ideal for many military applications. By supporting a standard software language like OpenCL, a larger base of users can now accelerate any algorithm to an FPGA to increase performance and improve productivity.”

Nallatech is now delivering production units of the 385 and 395 FPGA Accelerator Cards. Nallatech’s accelerator cards are also qualified by leading vendors’ high density server and blade platforms and are ready for deployment with pre-integrated software and IP. For more information about these products, please visit

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