• Standalone FPGA-Accelerated Edge Computer

    The Nallatech FPGA MicroNode is a low power miniature Linux Edge-computer featuring an Intel Arria-10 SoC FPGA. This innovative integrated product features dual network I/O directly coupled to the FPGA fabric enabling ultra-low latency applications. Best-in-class out-of-box experience makes it faster than ever to start deploying your solution.
    Arm-based development and deployment across a range of application areas including HPC, Image Processing and Network AnalyticsStand-Alone Form Factor
  • Highly capable FPGA accelerator card in low power, network form factor card

    Open standard unified programming model for CPU, GPU, Xeon Phi, ARM and FPGA. Nallatech’s FPGA accelerator cards are compatible with the Intel® Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL™.

    OpenCL programming languageNIC Form Factor
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