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Integrated FPGA Compute Platforms by Nallatech – FPGA cards pre-integrated in server and blade platforms from leading vendors including DELL, HPE and IBM

Integrated FPGA Compute Platforms by Nallatech works with leading server
vendors to ensure system compatibility for production:Integrated FPGA Compute Platforms - Production Systems

  • Thermal qualification & management
  • Power qualification & management
  • Integration with server’s BIOS and system management tools

View our new FPGA Accelerated Compute Node Production System
featuring (2) Xeon Processors & (4) Dual FPGA 510Ts in a 1U Server

Integrated FPGA Compute Platforms - OpenCL Development Systems

One single order provides you with a complete system that is ready to start programming with OpenCL:

  • Nallatech FPGA Card
  • Altera Quartus and OpenCL SDK
  • Performance-spec server for FPGA compiling

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